The Vintage Emporium


The Vintage Emporium in Saigons expat suburb of Thao Dien, is a real aesthetic masterpiece. The restaurant is housed in a magnificent old remodelled vila with dark wood finishes and big curved windows which let in an abundance of light.


The decor is minimal but trendy and the space feels clean and uncluttered. Big palms fill the corners and the blank wall space is punctuated by a few pieces including a beautiful big wooden mandala-style hanging. The light turquoise tiles add a subtle pop of colour. You can choose to sit inside or outside by their beautiful pool, in the well kept gardens.

They serve a brunch, lunch and dinner (from 5pm) menu. The food is simple, healthy and tasty. The flavours are uncomplicated with pestos,simple dressings and  minimalistic preparation. The presentation is impeccable and their collection of pottery is truly special. There is nothing more enticing than an Eggs Benedict served on a deep blue tray-like platter. Instaworthy for sure. Their coloured lattes are another firm favourite. The pink, gold and blue make for a great addition to a meal.

From the moment you walk  in, through the entranceway arch covered in vines, the Vintage Emporium has a presence and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.


Find them here in Thao Dien (District 2) or here in Saigons trendy Da Kao neighbourhood.

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