Simple Place

Simple place is about as no frills as you can get. If you drive too quickly down Quoc Huong Street in Thao Dien, you won’t even see it. Its the kind of spot you end up at deliberately, not stumble upon unintentionally. Two tiled steps get you up into the restaurant, through the sliding glass doors. Shoes off, of course. There is one table outside and three or four inside. Tiny wooden chairs and tables just big enough to squeeze your bottom onto. The only other furniture is a fan and an old drinks refrigerator. The kitchen is open plan and above the cash register a cardboard sign which reads ‘order here’ hangs, lopsided.


The menu is a few pages of copy paper laminated and bound together. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and pizzadillas are on offer (all with vegetarian options) and all cooked to order with fresh ingredients. It might not be the kind of Mexican you grew up with but forget about all of that. Go with an open mind and let it be blown by the fabulous flavors that the smiling humans in the kitchen will whip up for you.

Find them here

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