Yu Chu at the Intercontinental Saigon

The Intercontinental Hotel in Saigon is one of the best in the city, so naturally it is also home to some of the top restaurants.  Any Saigon native, whether expat or local, knows that the place to go for Chinese food is the city’s Chinatown Cho Lon (District 5) however we were looking for a slightly more elevated experience. Yu Chu is on the first floor of the hotel and as one reaches the top of the staircase, the gentle Chinese music can already be heard flowing out of the restaurants entrance. The typical red and gold Chinese accents greet the eye and the staff wait at the door ready to welcome you.


We went for the lunch time (11h30-14h30) Dim Sum buffet. A limited (but broad) menu is presented and you may choose your dumplings to be prepared on demand. Tea is also included in the +-500 000 vnd per person. There is a good selection of Dim Sum and noodles and a fair few vegetarian options, too.

The food is absolutely sensational and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The restaurant has a lovely ambiance and the staff are on the ball, friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu.  Its a lovely change from usual Saturday brunch and would also make an ideal choice to celebrate a special occasion.

You can find them here.

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