Eddie’s American Diner

If you thought you couldn’t find an authentic American diner experience in Saigon, you thought wrong, friends. Eddie’s is a fairly new addition to the growing food landscape in Thao Dien and serves up American diner food exactly as you like it. Warm cinnamon buns, bottomless coffee, killer milkshakes and epic breakfasts.

The food is superb and is closely followed by the supremely kitschy American-diner style decor (checkered tiles, red pleather, neon lights – the gangs all there) but the real standout is the soundtrack to your meal. The playlist is always absolutely on point and guaranteed to make your dining experience a pleasant one.

They serve all day breakfast and no one is going to bat an eye if you order an omelette with a side of mashed potato or mac and cheese at 11am. The staff are on the ball and it is rare not to see the owner chit chatting with patrons or behind the counter washing dishes and making coffee.

It is one of our neighborhood favorites and we think you would like them too. Check them out on facebook or instagram and find them on vietnammm for deliveries, too!

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