L’Herbanyste: Plant-based comfort food

The plant-based food movement has taken hold in Saigon and definitely grown enormously in recent years. This has come hand-in-hand with a shift to more conscious living and a heightened awareness of the impact of human behaviour on the world around us. In addition, people are more concerned with what they put into their bodies and how their food fuels them.

L’Herbanyste is a new Thao Dien collective. It’s housed in an old villa, tucked in a hem off Nguyen Van Huong. It has been beautifully decorated with eclectic pieces, all styled together to create a shabby-chic yet classy overall aesthetic. The inside of the restaurant is bright and cool and the outside is lush and tranquil with seating curving around their pool (which guests are welcome to take a dip in). There is a very relaxed ambience and even at capacity, one wouldn’t feel cramped or squished up against other patrons. It is certainly the kind of space one hangs around at for a few hours soaking up the sunshine and sipping on Turmeric lattes, wine or bespoke cocktails.

The food is advertised as ‘plant based’ and everything is vegetarian although there are dishes which contain eggs. The ingredients are organic and ethically sourced.  They have a range of pastas, veggie burgers, breakfasts, acaii and buddha bowls and classics like smashed avo on toast. We were very satisfied with our meals and found the presentation to be as pleasing as the taste.

It is nice to see something different in the food landscape in Thao Dien and we hope it inspires even more diversity. You can find them on Facebook or give them a call on 035 739 2910 to reserve a table.

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