FlavorBox: Meal Delivery Service

Anyone who lives in Saigon knows that life can get pretty busy in this city. A full time job, relationships, pets, kids etc in combination with the wild (wonderful) chaos of life in Vietnam might mean that time is limited. In more recent months we have been trying to focus on our health and are also always on the lookout for ways to maximize our time. A major time saver is having someone else cook for you (and deliver it straight to your office or home front door). In this case, the fabulous people over at Flavorbox.

Flavorbox is a meal delivery service that offers set menus and an a la carte option. The food changes weekly and is served from Monday to Friday (lunch or dinner or both) with free delivery. When they got in touch with us to do a collaboration we were thrilled to be able to give the set vegetarian menu a try. We had lunch and dinner delivered daily and we were beyond impressed with the meals. The portion sizes are good, the quality and freshness of ingredients is fantastic and the price is reasonable. 1 400 000/week for this particular plan. The meals were delivered at the same time each day but you are able to customize times and places according to your own needs (we love some flexibility in our lives).

Our meals for that particular week included tofu kebabs, mushroom stroganoff, a kale and avocado quinoa bowl, vegetable lasagna, curried bulgar salad and more..

In comparison with some of the other meal delivery services in Saigon, Flavorbox really is up there with the best and we highly recommend giving them a try if you are looking for a healthy, hassle-free way to keep yourself fed during the week.  Visit their website or contact them on Facebook or Instagram to get started.

*Note that our work with Flavorbox was part of a collaboration so we did not purchase any of the meals.

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