Kitchen Seoul

The Korean BBQ is a special kind of culinary experience. The star of the show is generally always the meat supported by the seemingly never-ending assortment of delicious ‘banchan‘ (side dishes). Kimchi, vegetables, mini pancakes, various greens, soups and noodles like ‘japchae‘ (mixed vegetable noodles) are the usual suspects. It is a meal meant to be shared with others and coupled with cold soju and beer. It really is one of the best ways to enjoy Korean food and its worldwide popularity proves that. District 7 or Saigon’s ‘Korea-town’ is the go-to area for Korean food however there is a new star of the show nestled in a lovely renovated villa in District 2.

Kitchen Seoul has elevated the humble Korean BBQ to a whole new level from the food to the atmosphere, the service and the decor, it really is a uniquely first-class experience. The restaurant is 3 floors, the ground floor serves as an open dining area and the other two house private dining rooms that can be arranged to suit your needs. There is also a mezzanine level that offers an open-kitchen type experience where diners can interact directly with the chef.  The top floor can seat up to 22 guests in one room – perfect for a bigger celebrations. The decor is chic, minimal and there has been an obvious attention to detail that does not go unnoticed. The staff are impeccably trained and the overall service is seamless and efficient.

We were seated in a private dining room with the owner, who kindly invited us to join him for dinner and treated us to the meal. The side dishes were already laid out and it was clear that careful thought had been put into the selection available. The sauces were a mixture of both Korean and Vietnamese flavors and the dishes included a Caesar salad as well as mini potato pancakes and a refined version of each type of Kimchi. The Waygyu beef was the first to come out and it was a ten-out-of-ten winner. We also tried the ‘Sundubu Jjigae‘ (soft tofu stew), ‘Kimchi Bokkeum-bap‘ (Kimchi fried rice) and buckwheat noodles with seaweed, egg and kimchi. We rounded out the meal with a delicious watermelon and beetroot sorbet with a squeeze of lime. Everything was insanely delicious.

We were overall highly impressed with the quality at Kitchen Seoul, in all aspects of our meal and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. If you would like to visit check them out here on facebook and note that they are also now open for lunch service.

Note that our work with Kitchen Seoul was part of a collaboration so our meal was complimentary.



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