The Green Box

The Green Box was started by a chef with a passion for fresh ingredients and an exceptional eye for detail combined with a very real sense of ‘what works’. They were kind enough to treat us to their weekly lunchtime deal: 675k for five lunches.

This is unbeatable value when compared with the quality of ingredients and style of meal being offered. The bowls all look like individual pieces of art and each flavor combination works so perfectly. We love that we didn’t have to eat the same thing each day at lunch but also that we were getting a nourishing, fresh bowl of goodness come noon. Their menu makes it very difficult to choose:

Each individual bowl has something unique to offer. The Viet-Mex bowl for example expertly combines some key Mexican flavors (tomato salsa and gauc) with those that are distinctly Vietnamese like the ‘scooping’ sesame cracker and the lemongrass chicken. There are options for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores as well as a few gluten-free meals. If you are more inclined to create your own flavor sensation – you can build your own bowl. We ordered the following: ‘Thems the roots’, ‘Viet-Mex’, ‘Super Sushimi bowl’, ‘Spicy Chickpea’ and ‘Pesto Chix’.

We have also dined in at the 133 Cobac Coffee building where The Green Box is located and we highly recommend popping in there for a meal too. Its a lovely space with a very peaceful atmosphere and makes the perfect brekkie, brunch or lunch spot for those with a bit more time.

Find them on facebook here.

Part of a collaboration. Meals were not paid for by Ate What Where.

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